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Skywars Commands

Post by dev_admin » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:38 pm

Integrates seamlessly into any server, survival, creative or otherwise.
Join the SkyWars queue from any world, and you'll be transported back exactly where you came from once the game ends!
SkyWars saves gamemode, health, hunger, potion status, and pretty much anything else you'd need to keep track of.

Use an unlimited number of arenas at the same time! The only limit is your server player capacity.
Use SkyWars's kit system to let players pay money each game for a kit, and give access to extra kits to donors through permissions support!

Craft your server's unique SkyWars experience!
Create custom kits just by filling your inventory with the items you want!
Create arenas without any entering items into config files! Just build the arena, set the spawns with /sws and save it!
Change any and all messages sent by SkyWars to players in messages.yml!

Support for randomly filled chests!
Support for portals to step into and join the queue.
Custom economy rewards for winning games or killing in games.

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Re: Skywars Commands

Post by dev_admin » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:42 pm ... ermissions

Commands and Permissions
User Commands
Command Permission Description
/sw N/A Lists all available SkyWars commands
/sw join skywars.join Joins the queue for the next game
/sw leave skywars.leave Removes you from the queue or the game you're in
/sw kit skywars.kit Lists kits, and lets you choose one
/sw kitgui skywars.kitgui Opens up a visual kit menu.
/sw status skywars.status Displays information on current games and queue status
/sw version skywars.version Displays the plugin's version
/sw rank <name> skywars.rank Displays player stats for yourself or someone else
/sw top Shows top 10 players with most score
Note: If kit-gui.replace-kit-command is enabled in main-config.yml, the /sw kit will be replaced with /sw kitgui and /sw kitgui will no longer function as a command.

Admin Commands
Command Permission Description
/sw setlobby skywars.setlobby Sets the lobby location
/sw lobby skywars.lobby Teleports you to the lobby location
/sw setportal skywars.setportal Sets a new portal at your current location
/sw delportal skywars.delportal Removes one portal, in order of last added
/sw cancel skywars.cancel Force stops a currently running game of the given ID
/sw report Generates and submits a report.
/sw forcestart skywars.forcestart Force starts a game with the people in the queue.
/sw testkit skywars.testkit Replaces your inventory with a kit.
Note: /sw testkit will immediately replaces your inventory with the kit, with no regard for what world you are in.

Note: /sw report will submit Server Software, Server Version, plugin information and all configuration information to, then give you a URL link to the data. This is useful when debugging.

Setup Commands
Command Permission Description
/sws skywars.setup Lists all available SkyWars setup commands that you can use currently
/sws start <Name> skywars.setup Starts creating a new arena, this will discard all unsaved arenas.
/sws setpos1 skywars.setup Sets the first position for where to copy the arena from.
/sws setpos2 skywars.setup Sets the position opposite from the first position to copy the arena from.
/sws addspawn skywars.setup Adds a spawn position to the arena at your current location.
/sws save skywars.setup Saves the configuration to file under the name you started with.
/sws createkit skywars.setup Creates a kit from your current inventory.
/sws update-arena <Name> skywars.setup Updates an arena's "block cache". See Setting up a new arena for more information
For a full guide on using the setup commands, check out Setting up a new arena.

For a full guide on /sws createkit, check out Creating a new kit

Permission Defaults to Function
skywars.join Everyone /sw join
skywars.leave Everyone /sw leave
skywars.version Everyone /sw version
skywars.status Everyone /sw status Everyone /sw top
skywars.rank Everyone /sw rank
skywars.rank.other Everyone /sw rank <name>
skywars.kit OP Only /sw kit
skywars.kitgui OP Only /sw kitgui
skywars.lobby OP Only /sw lobby
skywars.testkit OP Only /sw testkit
skywars.setlobby OP Only /sw setlobby
skywars.setportal OP Only /sw setportal
skywars.delportal OP Only /sw delportal
skywars.cancel OP Only /sw cancel OP Only /sw report
skywars.setup OP Only /sws
skywars.forcestart OP Only /sw forcestart
skywars.setsign OP Only Placing join signs

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Re: Skywars Commands

Post by dev_admin » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:43 pm

Why does SkyWars create new worlds?
SkyWars v2.1.0 will create one world: SkyWarsArenaWorld. SkyWars uses this world to run games, and all players playing games will be located in this world. SkyWars will automatically delete this world when the server is shutdown.

SkyWars pre-2.1.0 will also create another world: SkyWarsBaseWorld. This world was used in SkyWars versions pre-2.1.0 to store the arena template. This world is no longer used at all by SkyWars v2.1.0+.

If you are using SkyWars v2.1.0 or later, and you haven't made any changes to the default arenas or added any custom arenas in SkyWarsBaseWorld, feel free to delete it!

Help! Players can't break blocks in the arena!
Try setting 'spawn-protection' in to 0 and restarting the server (completely restart, not reload).

If that doesn't work, please submit a ticket below for additional help!

Help! Iron doors aren't place correctly!
If you are using WorldEdit support, please ensure that your WorldEdit version is up to date, and that you are using the latest development version if you are using Minecraft 1.9+. There is a bug in some earlier WorldEdit versions which causes doors to not be placed correctly.

Help! My players are spawning and falling into the void, in my custom arena.
The arena you've added may have been cut off when you created it. If this is the case, and the players spawn where it was cut off, they will fall directly into the void rather than landing on solid ground.

To fix this, you need to repeat setting up your arena, but be sure to look directly along the north/south and east/west directions before you set each position to make sure you aren't going to cut off any of the arena!

Help! UnsupportedClassVersionError unsupported major.minor version ...
You need Java 7 to run SkyWars. Please update your server's Java version.

If you already think you have Java 7, try looking through installed programs and uninstalling Java 6. If Java 6 and Java 7 are both installed, the server might use Java 6, which will cause problems.

If that doesn't work, please submit a ticket below for additional help!

Other questions/errors/bugs/requests!
If your question isn't answered above, ask it below! You'll need to create a GitHub account to submit a ticket (very fast process), or you can email me directly at

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Re: Skywars Commands

Post by dev_admin » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:43 pm

Join Signs & Portals

Joins signs are signs which when clicked, will force the player to join the SkyWars Queue.

Join signs are automatically updated with the number of players in the queue, the number of players needed to start a game, and the name of the next arena which will be played instantly when any of that information changes.

To create a join sign in SkyWars with the default configuration, simply create a new sign with the first line being "[SkyWars]" and it will turn into an auto-updating join sign.

To remove a join sign, simply destroy the sign block. SkyWars has no special protection on destroying join signs, however you will join the queue when you start the destroy it. To stop players from destroying join signs, you should use a protection plugin or spawn protection.

If you want to change the appearance of the join sign, you can change the 'join-sign-lines' setting in main-config.yml. Note that when you change this setting, all old join signs created with the old setting will no longer auto-update, and will no longer function as join signs. They must be re-created in order to function.

Join signs are introduced in SkyWars v2.1.4.

Join portals are single blocks which when walked over, will force the player to join the SkyWars queue. They don't have any visible appearance, so it is recommended to only place them in a clearly marked location, such as a different block type with a sign on it.

To create a portal at your current block location, use /sw setportal. This will set the current block you are standing on as a join portal.

Since there is no "portal block" to destroy, in order to remove a portal you must use /sw delportal. This command does not depend on your current position, and instead removes portals in order of last added. So, to remove a portal you just set, use /sw delportal. To remove the last two portals you set, use /sw delportal twice. To remove all portals, continue using /sw delportal until it reports that no portals exist.

Join Portals were introduced in SkyWars v1.0.0.

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